Title 「2019年度大学院シラバス Graduate School」、Folder 「03_電気電子情報工学専攻
Detail of syllabus is in the following.
Subject Name   Natural Language Processing  
Teacher Name   YAMAMOTO Kazuhide  
Semester   the second term   Term   The second semester  
Lecture Form   lecture   Credit  
Matter of Prepare    
Note   12DCC5  
Instructor’ room /contact information  
Purpose and objective Goals Natural language is language that is used by human communication.  In this course computer processing of natural language is learned.  Among some communication 'tools' natural language is the largest in amount in our daily life, the most informative information source, and has the least recognizable patterns than other media such as speech and vision.  In this lecture, the participants will notice several features of natural language, and learn some basic and typical algorithms for handling them by computer.  
Keywords language, part-of-speech tagging, parsing, semantic analysis, machine translation(MT), text summarization, information retrieval(IR), text mining  
Contents and method The course follows the slides of the video projecter shown in the class.  The slides can be obtained by the Web page below.  Some printing materials may be distributed if necessary.  Although the slides are all written in English, I will speak English and/or Japanese at the class, depending on language of participants.  
Topics The following topics are planned.
1. natural language and its processing
2. sentence segmentation and part-of-speech tagging
3. some parsing techniques
4. semantic analysis and word sense disambiguation
5. discourse analysis
6. language resources
7. text generation
8. machine translation and spoken language translation
9. text summarization
10. text mining

Moreover, as many hot topics as possibile, related to narural language processing, are attempted to be explained during the course.  
Textbooks None is specified; the participants can have the handouts on the Web site.  
Reference materials See the Web page below for list of reference books.  Some useful links to Wikipedia can also be  seen in the Web page.  
Evaluation method and Assessment points The overall assessment will be assigned according to the result of some quizzes during the course, and the final report.   
Prerequisite / other notes More information can be obtained at the Web page below, such as lecture slides and supplemental explanations.  Note that the next course will start at September of Year 2013.
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