Title 「2015年度学部シラバス」、Folder 「40_専門科目-02_電気電子情報工学課程
Detail of syllabus is in the following.
Subject Name   Applied Electromagnetic Wave Engineering  
Teacher Name   Tomoyuki Sasaki  
Semester   the first term   Term   The first semester  
Lecture Form   lecture   Credit  
Matter of Prepare    
Instructor’ room /contact information Room 604, Denki-building 1  
Purpose and objective Goals Students study the foundation of electromagnetic waves, antennas, waveguides, and some applications of electromagnetic waves.
[Educational Objectives]
(C) Acquire technical knowledge required for engineers in the electrical, electronics and information engineering field
(C-2) Acquire advanced technical knowledge required for engineers in any of three fields: electric energy system and control engineering, electronic devices and photonics engineering, and information, telecommunication and control systems.
- Derive wave equations from Maxwell’s equations.
- Understand the propagation of electromagnetic waves in transmission lines.
- Understand foundational properties of antennas.
- Study applications of electromagnetic waves.  
Keywords Electromagnetic wave, Maxwell’s equations, plane wave, polarized wave, TEM line, waveguide, dipole antenna, aperture antenna, array antenna, wireless communication, radar, wireless energy transfer  
Contents and method [Contents]
First, foundational properties of electromagnetic waves are outlined based on Maxwell’s equations. Next, lectures are given on antennas and transmission lines. Some applications of electromagnetic waves are also outlined.
Teaching materials are provided in the class.  
Topics Week 1: Maxwell’s Equations and Wave Equations 1
Week 2: Maxwell’s Equations and Wave Equations 2
Week 3: Foundational Properties of Electromagnetic Waves 1
Week 4: Foundational Properties of Electromagnetic Waves 4
Week 5: Distributed Element Model of Electrical Circuits
Week 6: TEM Lines
Week 7: Waveguides
Week 8: Midterm Examination
Week 9: Radiation of Electromagnetic Eaves
Week 10: Dipole Antennas
Week 11: Aperture Antennas and Array Antennas
Week 12: Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves
Week 13: Applications of Electromagnetic Waves 1
Week 14: Applications of Electromagnetic Waves 2
Week 15: Final Examination
Week 16: Check and Review  
Reference materials - N. Inagaki, Denki denshi gakuseinotameno denjiha kogaku (Maruzen)
- M. Takahashi, Denjiha kogaku nyumon (SUURIKOUGAKU-SHA)
- H. Nishihara, Hikari denjiha kogaku, (Ohm)
- N. Goto, Antenna kogaku nyumon koza (Denpashinbunsya)  
Evaluation method and Assessment points The final grade is determined by the sum of the results of a midterm examination (50%) and a final examination (50%).  
Prerequisite / other notes It is desirable for students in this class to have already taken “Advanced Course in Electromagnetics.” It is impossible to understand them and retain an understanding simply by attending lectures. Therefore, preparations for and reviews of the classes are essential.  
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