Title 「2015年度大学院シラバス」、Folder 「03_電気電子情報工学専攻
Detail of syllabus is in the following.
Subject Name   Advanced Theory of Quantum Electronics  
Teacher Name   Tomoyuki Sasaki  
Semester   the second term   Term   The second semester  
Lecture Form   lecture   Credit  
Matter of Prepare    
Instructor’ room /contact information  
Purpose and objective Goals Objective of the lecture
Novel devices and materials in the fields of optical wave engineering and quantum electronics are described. The information-gathering capacity for latest technologies and the presentation skills are enhanced.
Achievement targets
To investigate novel devices and materials in the fields of optical wave engineering and quantum electronics.
To clarify their characteristics, applications, problems, etc., and to explain them logically.  
Keywords laser, LED, solar cell, display, photonic crystal, optical fiber, optical modulator, optical detector, optical resonator, integrated optics, photonics, terahertz technology  
Contents and method Novel optical devices and novel materials used in them are described based on research papers.
Each student reviews recent papers related to one of the keywords, and provides a presentation on the content. All students discuss the presentation. The lecturer assigns homework to the students as necessary.  
Topics 1) Outline of advanced theory of quantum electronics
2-15) Optical devices and materials used in them
16) Conclusions and future trends  
Reference materials  
Evaluation method and Assessment points The grade will be determined based on the following percentages; the review of the papers is 40%, the presentation is 30%, and the discussion is 30%.  
Prerequisite / other notes It is desirable that the students have fundamental knowledge of optical wave engineering and quantum electronics.  
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